Turnkey Solutions

We offer a complete solution from concept to completion.

A recent client commented that he had never built a home on what’s app before!

He lives in Albania and trusted us to build for him in South Africa. Via email and what’s app, we were able to keep him fully up to speed on his homes progress. This was a fully turnkey project where we attended to all the aspects of design, contract and construction in his absence but with good communication.

Given this level of trust we try and go the extra mile to ensure an excellent outcome. Of course, if you are around, we welcome as much or as little input as you would like throughout the process. The process: As custom builders we prefer to assess the location and its environmental factors by visiting the site. We explore slope, vegetation, aspect, prevailing winds and view. We incorporate elements and principles of green building practice into the design. Your needs, as the client, provide the basis for the design. Factors to consider are the theme or style, your budget, your planned use of the home verse the current and anticipated family structure etc. Any Ideas, sketches and pictures are also useful. We would design a home suited to your needs, at no cost to you, with 2D and 3D plans.

Changes and ideas are welcomed until it feels just right. At this stage we will cost the home and supply a formal quote. Once administrative issues, including plan approval, are in place we can commence construction. Typically, it takes between 3 to 6 months to build a timber home.

Our crews will be established on site if the location is remote from East London or transported to site daily. We typically have crews at our factory building the wall frames while the floor is under construction in situ. The roof will be on and the house weatherproof in a matter of weeks.

At this stage which we call “lockup”. We like to have a site meeting with our clients to confirm final plumbing and electrical positions prior to the “first fix”. Hereafter the internal boarding and ceilings are fitted together with the internal doors, cornice and skirting. Painting will commence where after floor finishes and cupboards are installed. Cupboards, tiling and plumbing and electrical final fixes complete the process.